Hooked Up…

During sweet 2016 I was pregnant, and to enjoy the experience I delved into art amongst other experiences. My baby was born 7 lbs 11 ounces and has yet to find his feet in this world we live in, which is so different to the computer free world I grew up in when fantasies lived in the eye of the beholder, I think it is unfair of me now to continue hosting a movie screening as a mother who can no longer believe large movies and stardom are not protected by military forces using weapons, so it is true to say my baby has inspired me to follow through with a different type of art during our upcoming years.

Photos of where I spent my pregnancy.        




And sketches from an art course I took whilst carrying child, getting only minutes to complete your picture!



Along came my future inspiration! A baby who needed my attention.





I would like to provide a good reference for the use of withoutabox website and communication portal for artists because of them I had much more than several submissions to my screening event this year which meant I now had a budget to cover the expenses of screening every entry with a key woman on crew and giving prizes based from an acclaimed Cork Art Gallery with Screening Rooms. It was my responsibility to keep all receipts for travel and entertainment during that last weekend of May, Friday May 26th, Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 30th, because these were the days of the event when Lady’s First International Film Festival was merely paying for it’s competition and not creating income.


Orders were placed for a cranberry carpet, advertising backdrop, photographers and screening room in addition to numerous Bronze Serpent rewards for the best of categories to encourage artists who work with their talents to continue creating beautiful things for others to enjoy whilst understanding gently how to compliment the earth and move forward in harmony with the Holy Spirit.

The next stage

Quite soon after, a collaboration of writing, acting and graphic manipulation of the art of moving image rolled in, and Lady’s First International Film Festival got off the ground and commenced running.